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    Quote Originally Posted by jons4real View Post
    It seems like a 144" RL is the standard " larger " tarp, wish I could find on a hair longer. It just seems like a 11.5ft hammock with a 12ft is just cutting it really close. I guess the truth of the matter is I've never seen a tarp that large in use so maybe its actually plenty big ...
    I use my WBBB and when I first started hammock camping wanted that long tarp RL as well due to fear of getting the ends of my hammock wet. What I eventually learned is that having to long of a tarp RL actually impeads the hammock from hanging well causing the suspension to really rub against the ends of the tarp as well as not being able to get a taught tarp RL. Remember your suspension should be at a 30 degree angle and if your tarp RL is to long then it runs into the hammock suspension. If the tarp is hung correctly then IMHO using a 10'10" tarp RL is plenty long enough for a ten ft hammock same goes with a longer hammock. You really only need six or so inches past the end of the tarp And especially if you have doors you can close the ends as well protecting the ends of the hammock
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    Thanks lazy I appreciate the feedback
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