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Thread: Inside Hanging

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    Inside Hanging

    My Blackbird is on its way and I want to be able to hang in my bonus room above the garage. I've bought some big eye screws that are rated to 350lbs. My plan is to put these in the ceiling which I think are 2x6s. They run across the room. I plan on putting the screws into two different rafters to distribute the weight.

    What I'd like advice on is how far apart to put the screws to get the proper angle and height off the floor. The ceiling is 8 feet and the room is almost 15 feet wide.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Wow! I had never measured that before. The eyebolts in my testing/sleeping facility are just over 18' apart and my ceiling is about a 7.5' one. Every hammock I have can hang from the bolts.
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    yes, it will depend on the height of the celing, just wait till you get it and figure it out then, still go for the 25 or 30 deg suspension angle.

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    I recommend againt suspending your weight from the ceiling on eye screws. Keep in mind that most ceilings are made to support the weight of a roof laden with snow/water which only works out to a small amount of force/in^2. You are going to apply your weight amplified to two screws with less than 1 in^2 grip? If your going to do it you should install reinforcement straps to distribute the weight across more than one beam and use eye-bolts as opposed to eye-screws. Better yet build an indoor hammock stand.

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    ikea swing eye bolts

    I have successfully hung many hammocks in my study using the ikea 4 screw eye bolts from wall studs on either side of the room. Always solid. Use 3 inch deck screws and get all 4 screws into the studs.

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    Before I left home I had a string hammock in my bedroom strung from the walls with eye bolts. I didn't weigh much, but dad was about 220 and I used to find him sleeping in it. I'd agree with brandon though... wait until you get the hammock before you decide where to put the screws.

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