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    My UCR for a hammock


    I just finished making my Utility Constrictor Ropes and made a video of it. You can find some specs in the video description.

    I hope you like it.

    By the way Thanks to all the help I find here on this nice forum.

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    Re: My UCR for a hammock

    Looks good buddy, I would advise undoing the loop on the loose end and tying a prussic knot just to stop the constrictor sliding.

    Here is fallknivens instructions on how to make one, the last couple of steps should be of interest in terms of the free end.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks. I didn´t make a Prusik there because it doesn´t loosen even without milking the buried part which is around 15". It seems to be very tight but I will have an eye on it and when it loosen itself I will try it with a prusik but so far it works just fine.


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