Since I cant find an actual thread on this vendor/product i wanted to start one.

These are perhaps the second best value purchase I have made relating to my hammock ($20 from woot and the no. 1 deal).

for $25 shipped i got a pair of very high quality well stitched mesh tarp skins custom fit to my eno profly. I got them three days after ordering. Katharine offers excelent personal customer service. and the pockets on the ends are just the right side to hold stakes tensioners and guylines ridgeline and connectors.

I cannot stress how pleased I am with this purchase and the mesh is perfect when you have to pack up after an evening rain or before the dew has burned off. While others were complaining about packing up wet tents and how their packs are going to be a soggy mess by the time they got to the cars. My tarp just got re-skined and tossed on top of my pack. By the time i got to the car the tarp was dry to the touch. After i got home i re -pitched it in my back yard to dry (a few pockets of dew were left inside the folds) and then reskined and hung back up with the rest of my gear. I can hand and pitch my tarp in the time it takes most people to dig their tarp out of their bags. We all know the most time consuming part of packing up is convinving a tarp to get back in its bag with the skins it takes all of two minutes.

again this is a five star product