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    Lightbulb Hammock in Pickup Bed??

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this Hammock.
    Okay, I've had this crazy idea of putting a hammock in the bed of my pickup. I'm a DIY kind of person and i just think this would be really cool. My pickup is about 7 foot corner to corner. I was just wondering if this is long enough to put a hammock. I'm only about 5-8 so it doesn't need to be huge. Any advice would be great. Thank you.

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    How long a bed have ya got? If you put supports in the holders you'd be short of 9 foot on a full size truck. Kinda short for a full size guy however I've seen shorter on Harley Davidsons. But right now I have my TurtleDog stand in my pickup and will be sleeping in that till Sunday morning. Or you could put a support in the pickup and a turtledog stand out away from the truck for a full hammock.
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    Everything you need to know about Hammocks in vids and reading:
    Hammock in 3 minutes D. Hansen - It really is this easy to make a hammock
    Shug's Hammock Newbies videos - Takes you buy the hand and shows you in video
    The Ultimate Hang D. Hansen - now read about everything
    JustJeff's Hammock tutorial - more reference
    TableclothFactoryBlanks - shorter lengths available on sidebar
    The TurtleDog Stand thread - Hang anywhere.

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    If JJ could hang in his jeep, anything is possible. Use the stake pockets, if you got 'em, and put a diagonal overhead beam in there to take the load. You'll have more sag than normal, but hey, it will be a hammock, and will beat sleeping in the bed of the truck.

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    Ok, thanks guys. I have a ranger so it isn't very big. What kind of hammock should i get?

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    If you use a ridgepole, the ridgepole could stick out further than the truck hanging from the uprights attached to the truck. Hang the hammock from the ends of the ridgepole.
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    I think a free standing stand is the answer.

    I had put some thought into this and given up, but now you have me going again.

    This is something I would really like to figure out becuase I do a lot of camping out of my truck in Arizona and Utah where there ain't no trees and I have come to very much like hanging in the hammock. Right now I use my cot, which is an excellent system as I can stop and set up camp leaving everything in the truck.

    My pickup is a Tacoma, with no pockets for stake-poles. Doing something on the diagonal with a ridge pole might work, but you would have to carry a long ridgepole or figure out how to build one that would break down into sections.

    I am thinking that the thread about the turtle dog stand is the answer the more I think about it. In other words, carry a stand in the truck that can be quickly set up where and when needed. I know this isn't actually hanging in the truck like was originally asked. It might be possible to use the truck in some way in lieu of one end of the stand, but a fully independent stand has a lot going for it, and could be useful at home too.

    And you know, as I think about a ridgepole in a stand like this -- it only needs to resist force along it's length, so it could be two pieces of PVC that fit together. The center of the pole carries no lateral load.
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    See my thread about pickup hammocking:

    In an area with no trees substitute a TL or TD stand (maybe staked out with paracord and some super deep anchors instead of using a ridgepole?) and a couple of lengths of SuperStrut bolted together (or a 4x4 post bolted to a base) and secured in the bed. I'm lucky that I have a roof rack that works great, but even a Ranger bed should have tiedown points to secure a point for one end of the hammock.

    Basically, trying to do both ends of the hammock support structure in the bed of truck might not give you enough length for a full sized hammock.
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    Roof rack to hitch with canoe rack attachment.

    Canoe rack for the hitch is about $100, less used.

    Roof racks vary, but pretty cheap used.

    Run the line over the racks down to the front bumper, so it's not stressing the rack mount.
    Attach the other point over the top of the canoe rack and down to the hitch.

    Whole thing can be down for $100 or less with used parts.

    Be sure to put a bicycle tube or foam pad between the strap and hood.
    Wrapping the strap around the roof rack bar, or even using 2 traps in a y helps spread the load.

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    It would be interesting to use a short gathered end hammock with a short bar like RedOleary started a long thread on. Suspension would be the loop that ties in gathered end dropped over a hook in the uprights. Top beam could be high enough to let one sit up without a hard hat. Posts would not be long as the hooks could be maybe a foot above the bed rail. Figure the 7 ft as the SRL I come up with 101 in long hammock using 83% for the SRL length. I'd try an 8 ft hammock. For what you want I would try 3 yds of JoAnn's sport nylon and some amsteel for the continuous loops. Need to sew channels in each end and that would use up the extra foot of material. If I did not have a cap on my P/U I would try one just for grins.


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    I'm no injaneer, but it seems everyone is thinking inside the box (or the bed of the truck) on this one.

    Could he not use the stake pockets and using some welded square stock angled and braced to extend out further than the diagonal corners on the truck get the distance he wants to hang a legit hammock and sleep in peace?

    There would be a weight penalty but you're gonna pull the things out of the stake pockets and carry in the bed anyway, right?

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