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Attending personel, comfirmed
1)FLRider --- Saturday night
2)Duffy --- Saturday afternoon
3)MightyMouse --- Saturday afternoon
4)lilricky --- Friday 5-ish pm
5)Floridahanger --- Friday 5-ish pm
6)Life Scout +3 --- Friday 7-8ish pm
9)zukiguy --- Friday evening
10a)Olddog(in spirit)
10b)MedicineMan(by proxy)

Penciled in, maybe, hopeful, will check, etc.
Great White --- Saturday
Tuck --- Friday

Please respond if your coming, we would like you there.

Some are showing up on Friday 7-19-13 to extend the invitation from FLRider's original 20-23 hang dates. Let us know when you will be showing up if you want to come in as a group. On Friday, a few of us will be there around 5-ish.
Thank you, by the way, Floridahanger, for maintaining this list. It's very helpful!