I haven't been too active on the forums lately because I've been too busy hanging in my BIAS WWM 1.1! I'm ~150 pounds, 5'6" and the Weight Weenie Micro is the most comfortable hammock I've laid in. The 1.1 does not stretch too much. I also have the Nano Buginator and it is very easy to use. You should clear out any underbrush under your hammock when you use the net though because otherwise it may snag. I use Whoopie Hooks and they are very convenient, compact, and secure. I really like my whole new system. I've previously used a Warbonnet Traveler 1.7 and a Warbonnet Blackbird 1.1 double and my WWM 1.1 is more comfortable for me. I should note that I bought the fixed ridgeline and that is very nice too.

Thanks for the great products and the great service, guys!