I'd planned on hiking Vesuvius this week while on vacation but wrenched my back last Sunday picking up an empty laundry basket. Thats right. I perform physically demanding work daily, routinely carry 30 lb. packs and a laundry basket does me in.

Anyway, I felt better Thursday so I left early AM Friday for Mohican so my vacation wasn't a total loss. Hiked the Hemlock & North Rim Trails and part of a Mountain Bike trail. It was overcast all day yesterday & all morning today so photography wasn't ideal but still managed to snap a few.

Where not to hang your hammock at Park & Pack site #9. Didn't realize until later that the trees were too far apart. Forgot to photo new setup.

Some self-explanatory photos:

Two cool lichens I'd never seen before:

And finally dinner:

Thanks to Shug and his recent video demonstrating how to insert full-sized photos.