I really love the Kammok line. I don't know why it hasn't caught on more with the hammock community. At our group hang in the spring I was the only one there with a Roo, which kind of surprised me.

The group hang gave me a great opportunity to look at and test several brands/models that I had never seen and I don't think there was one of them that could compare with the fabric quality of the Roo in terms of comfort and durability. Plus, it's super long and comfortable with my 6'6" frame (even when I weighed 313 pounds) which is rare.

One thing Kammok is doing that I don't see as much from other vendors is really trying to re-imagine some of the things we take for granted.

Case in point: The new Glider tarp.

I'm really impressed with the idea of it, though I haven't purchased one as of yet. I'm stoked they are looking at improvements that go beyond just looking for reducing weight and improving durability.

The water collection idea is great and I can't believe nobody else has done it to this point. You can get drinking water without having to leave the shelter of your rig to filter water in the middle of a storm. As an added bonus, the weight of the gathered water further steadies the tarp in high winds (which tend to go hand in hand with storms when you need it most). The idea to have a darker and lighter side to either shield or gather heat is really good too. I've always wondered why nobody had done this before.

So what's the deal? What has kept any of you away from the line? Brand loyalty? Stuck in a rut? DIY only?

I would encourage those who have been sticking to the same brands and models for years to give them a shot. I don't think you'll be disappointed.