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    HH Expedition Zip with SS

    I have a HH Expedition Zip model and I would like to buy a SS. Does HH make a SS esp for the zip model? I have seen a thread in this forum which suggests that the SS is for the bottom entry models.

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    They do not make one for the zip models. However, the HHSS for bottom entry(BE) will work fine for the zip models, though you obviously will not use the BE feature. It probably could be a bit cheaper- and maybe lighter- without all of the engineering that goes into designing/manufacturing the BE feature in the UC. But once you are inside, it will work exactly as it does on a BE hammock. ( I have used them on both BE and zip models, no problems)

    Remember that the elastics that run through the UC's BE feature serve to hold the pad snugly up against the full length of the hammock with just about the right amount of pressure to work with the compressible HH OCF pad.
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    Works just fine on the zip models out of the bag. The over cover (if you purchase it) requires a minor adjustment/addition to the hammock tieout to be workable with the zipper entrance, but not a big deal at all.
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