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    SOLD - Bridge Hammocks & Accessories

    I've decided to slim down my collection of hammocks and am letting go both of my bridge set-ups. To the best of my recollection they have been used for 2 weekend hikes each (it might only be 1 for the BMBH). The UQ has been stored in a mesh bag (not included) in my bedroom closet. Prices include priority mail shipping in the continental US. Paypal payment only please.


    - BMBH UL (the one with the zippered bug net) = $160
    - Spreader Bar storage bag = $6 (must be purchased with at least 1 other item to cover shipping costs)


    - RidgeRunner single layer w/bug net, whoopie slings, and tree straps - I also have both the original and the new, stronger spreader bars for users > 200 lb) = $160
    - Cloudburst tarp (olive brown) = $100
    - Lynx 3-season full length UQ = $220
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