Hi all,

Parks Tasmania is asking for feedback on their draft plan for the Walls Of Jerusalem National Park.

I have submitted my thoughts, specifically requesting consideration of hanging areas for hammockers. Now I am not necessarily expecting them to listen but you never know unless you ask. In areas such as WoJ it would be nice to have a designated spot for hammockers in the designated camping areas. All that would be needed would be some suitable posts to hang from.

Given that WoJ is only a short drive from my house I have vested interest . The more they hear from us though I would hope the more they will take it into consideration.

I highlighted the low impact nature of hanging especially in sensitive areas, in my submission, and the growing popularity of hammocking in Australia and other less important areas of the world .

Walls of Jerusalem Draft Plan.

For those of you not from down here then these links will give you an idea of some of the special areas down here .