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    New DIY 1.8oz DL Camo Hammock

    Ok, I admit it, I like camo. This is the 1.8oz camo fabric that Scott at DIY Gear Supply now has in stock. Just barely got it in time as Scott is closed for the next few weeks.

    Since I no longer have my WBBB - I had to let it go, as the calf ridge was getting extremely uncomfortable - my legs are getting worse every year. So I needed to make a new hammock for the Easy Survival Hang that Doctari is giving on the 22nd of this month.

    I got 7 yds of this material for a 10ft long, 63 inch wide hammock (dimensions after sewing).. I still have to add the zippers and bugnet, along with a top cover. I made it a double layer - yes, it's heavy, but for the comfort this thing has, I'll carry the extra weight.

    This material has no finish (dwr) so is pretty breathable - you can blow right thru it easily. It drapes really well and even though it's ripstop, it's very smooth and feels great against the skin.

    My bug net will not be completely removable, but will stow in a small peak bag at one end of the hammock. I haven't set the pull outs yet - my assistant will help with that tomorrow. I'll also get the ridge line connected. Pics to follow!

    No stretch that I could detect yet. No flaws in the material that I could see.

    All I did was square up the ends, roll and sew the long edges (1/4 in), fold it in half, make channels (1 in) on both ends, sew the edges together except for 27 inches in case I want to slip a pad in, sew the top edge ends 8 inches and re-enforced that with some 3/4 in gross grain for the bug net.

    As soon as I got in the hammock, I knew it was going to be comfortable. No calf ridge, very flat lay - left or right. Very smooth material - not grabby or slippery - just right.

    So here's some pictures of the process. It looks more complicated than it actually is - this material sews very easy.

    This is going to make a great cool/cold weather hammock. We'll see how it "hangs" at the hang next week. Pictures of that will follow also.
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