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    I don't have a picture, but hopefully this diagram will help. (not to scale)

    Gray = tree straps
    Blue = whoopie slings
    Black circle = climbing ring
    Red = amsteel soft shackle
    Green = fixed length amsteel ridgeline with spliced loops (over-emphasized)
    Black = amsteel continuous loops through climbing ring and hammock end channel

    This setup actually mimics the lay of a hammock about 12" longer than it actually is, since effective length of the ridgeline (ridgeline plus soft shackles plus radius of climbing rings) is greater than if I had just attached the ridgeline to the continuous loops at the end channels.

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    Sorry about resurrecting this thread years later, but I have almost the exact set up, but since I don't need or want a ridgeline while in the house but DO want one when I move it outside of my fixed location, this is what I did so I had a quick set up, and would stop loosing my RL in-between trips:

    I use a soft shackle on one end to connect it to the channel loop, and then I threaded it on the other end through the channel loop - but with a small sock to use as a storage bag when it's not in use.
    I can disconnect the shackle, and just "sock" the whoopie RL quickly. I have attached the sock to the whoopie loop with shock cord and a lock so it stays put.

    BONUS: we no longer get stressed out looking at the forlorn sock missing its mate the dryer ate 6 months ago.
    ARL with sock pouch.jpg

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