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    First time Hammock Owner, HH Hyperlight questions


    I'm diving into my new hammock camping decision head first,
    just bought a HH Hyperlight Asym zip,
    Planning on 200mile AT section hike in July,
    from (Bear Mountain) Hudson River NY, to MA/VT state line,

    First a question,
    What is recommended for under layer hammocking insulation for mid-summer in New England?
    And to follow up,
    Anyone can recommend a sleeping pad for the hyperlite?

    Looking for optimal modifications I can complete in the next 2 weeks,
    whoopie slings,
    Dutch's ridgeline system
    Tulle fabric tarp skins.
    piece of tyvek for groundcloth,

    I'm going to attempt this hike using the standard Hyperlite Rainfly 20D Silnylon that comes with the hammock. When I have more time I'll jump into the world of finding a larger tarp.

    I have an unused roll of Reflectix and some HVAC tape, I can definitely make a torso pad, and can maybe make a fullsize pad out of it, would that be too much/too little for summer hiking in New England? Is the HH Radiant Double Bubble Pad the absolutel optimal size pad, I know plenty people here had attempted using the windshield reflectors that are generally much wider than the HH made one, are they cutting it down...

    My other option on hand is a Thermarest Z Lite regular size, which I need to cut down to fit my pack, has anyone tried cutting out single panels and attaching them as wings to the Z Lite torso area? Idea coming from the Eno sleeping pad Wings adapter I saw on the forum.

    Looking for any suggestions for any mods I don't know about, any veteran advice appreciated,


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    Welcome to the HH club I love mine.

    My suggestion is pretty simple. Get it and learn to use it stock. Then you can make determinations on what you want to change out and why. Some change the suspension, some don't. Hennessy Hammocks come with a built in structural ridge line that will put you at the "recommended" hang. Not that you can't change it but you might not need to. HH also makes some excellent snake skins.

    For comfort I would recommend an UQ rather than pads. I personally have a Jacks R Better The Nest. If it is warm, I just vent it by opening the top/bottom hooks. I have a classic opening and The Nest is made for it but since you have the side zip, many of the vendors here sell UQ that will work just as well for your set up.

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    I have the Super Shelter from Hennessey on my Explorer Deluxe. I love it. It keeps the pad under the hammock, the bugs away from my back, and it doesn't shift at all. I've used it down to about 2*C and it kept me very comfortable. I plan to keep it on for the summer since our nights rarely get warm enough to go without something underneath you. If it does get warm enough, I can simply remove the pad and leave the cover attached to protect from bugs.

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