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Thread: Hammock ripping

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToHa View Post
    Just ordered my diy set up from DIY Gear Supply. fabric, amsteel, poly thread, ridge line, etc all for $46. Everything but bug netting &tarp materials. The 1.6oz fabric is real nice. Joanne's couldn't tell me a weight for their ripstop when I went there either.
    Have fun with it. Be patient, go slow. Have a stitch ripper handy. True for me anyway. You will be pleased with the stuff from Scott.
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    I had a hammock blow out early on. I made the thing and had it hung wrong so it scraped on the ground a few times. That was enough to damage the fabric so that even when I did hang it properly the damaged failed.
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    I have used Joann's fabric, and it's more like 1.9... Never had a problem.

    How tight did you have it stretched?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnSawyer View Post
    I have used Joann's fabric, and it's more like 1.9... Never had a problem.

    How tight did you have it stretched?
    This would be my question. Considering the "Suspension leverage" thread, the best thing we could get would be a picture of how you hang it.

    Do you wear a knife clipped to your rear pocket?

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    How I hung it was definitely a concern of mine and if it was stretched to tight. I will hang it tomorrow and see if I can post a picture. No, I didn't have anything sharp on me. I think it may be getting stretched too much when I am in it because it is going right down the middle. I know when I was in it I felt like I sunk in more than the pictures I have seen online but the distance from where I hung it is shorter, maybe 10 feet in between and I went chair height on the bottom. When I got in, I was close to ground. Like I said I will try to post some pics tomorrow. What do you want to see, overall hang or how I tied to the play ground?

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    Mostly if the concern was hang angle/it being too tight take a picture of the rig hung up from the side.

    However if you can show the attachment points (on hammock) in detail people can possibly tell you if there's any way it could cause a problem...

    People say with the hammock just hanging there empty straps should be at 30 degrees.
    For the sake of simplicity, just shoot for around 45, so that the angle from vertical is the same as horizontal. From there you can tighten things up a bit as you experiment with what is right for you...

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    Ok that didn't work

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    So how do I post pictures? I uploaded to photobucket to get a URL and didn't work

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    That looks OK to me. Is it ripping length wise or cross wise?

    Did you go with a standard gathered style ala Knotty LINK or did you try some of the funkier fold in half then half again then gather or attempt to mirror the Henesey hammock folds?

    When I started I tried some of the funkier folds and found that it stressed the fabric too much for my tastes. I blew out one of my first hammocks that way.

    The Knotty method is all I use now, and it works like a charm.


    I see you're using the fold in half then half again method...

    or something like it..

    Try the Knotty method.
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