Good thing I didn't quit my day job, I have only hung in the hammock I have made twice and it is already starting to rip down the middle. As anyone had this happen to them? I bought my fabric from Joanne's. I am unsure of the thickness, it didn't say anywhere on it. Could it be how I am hanging it? I didn't have trees so I hung it in between my kids play set. I didn't have all the supplies the first time I hung it so I just wrapped the webbing right around the playground. Yesterday, I finished it by sewing two rings into the webbing and just put a larks head around the whipped end. I still didn't have luck finding amsteel locally so this is what I did for now. Anyway, when I was laying in it I found a little hole, didn't think much of it, thought I could have dne it, but right down the middle you can tell that it looks like it wants to rip, like it was pulled to tight. I am just about 150, so my weight shouldn't be a factor. Any ideas? Thank. Good thing I ordered a WBBB.