Ok so after waiting for reviews on these quilts curiosity got the better of me. I ordered the combo set consisting of a standard SSTQ and the new full size SSUQ. I ordered them on Wednesday and they showed up Saturday. I picked the coyote brown color option to better match my WBBB but this color is much lighter than it appears online and the quilts are noticeably lighter in color than the included stuff sacks (probably because of the light colored down inside). Speaking of stuff sacks both quilts came with custom sized stuff sacks instead of a one size fits all style sack. The stuff sacks have a grommet at the draw cord for strength and are square bottom with no pull loop to help extraction. I opened the top quilt first and noticed that it does have a snap to close up the ďcollarĒ but does not have a draw cord in the neck area, probably because you arenít supposed to be bundled up in a summer quilt. The footbox is formed with snaps that go all the way up to the back of my knees, however I like to snap just the first few and leave the rest of the quilt open as much as possible. The end of the quilt has a draw cord to cinch it shut and has cord locks on both ends of the cord. With the quilt snapped and cinched I was able to have one foot down in the footbox and bend my other leg so my knee stuck out to the side as far as it could and still kept everything covered by the quilt. Iím 5-10 and this quilt will cover me up to my face which is just about perfect for me. Next I inspected the underquilt. It has the standard channel suspension with 1/8 inch shock cord and 1/8 inch shock cord in the end channels with cord locks to cinch the ends up. The quilt fits me just perfect. It reaches from just above my shoulders to all the way down past my heels. When I want to bend my knee out to the side I have to make sure the quilt is there but thatís ok with me. Just like my original SSUQ the suspension cord seems a little short. You can see in the picture that the sewn through quilt it pulled pretty tight on my shoulder. I added a couple extra feet of cord and it kept the quilt nice and snug but left plenty of loft. Also, itís important to hang the quilt with the diagonal baffles going in the same direction you will be laying, that way your body heat warms the baffles because they are in line with the way you lay.

Heres my new quilts. Also another nice touch was a small piece of extra cardboard placed under the tape seam to protect the quilts during opening, Thanks Marty

Left to right-WBBB, SSTQ, full size SSUQ

This is a good sight to see when you first open something

Heres the top quilt all buttoned up

Fits my 5-10/ 185lbs frame great!

Here it is all opened up

And for size comparison

And now for the underquilt

Full size compared to the standard partial length

Hung on my Blackbird

Full SSUQ with the hammock weighted

Both underquilts all packed up

And of course when dad gets out a hammock, the kids want one too.