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    Yes, this was a fine, authentic report, including the challenges of finding the right pair of trees quickly.

    But, there is an important consideration in choosing hammocks: The "hang" may be more critical with some than with others. Not just of angle, but of need for coverage. I believe our Clarks are tolerant of sub-optimal hanging in three ways.
    • First, the angle of the lines matters less, maybe due to stiffer fabric in the hammock bottom than used in many hammocks.
    • Second, we all have big saddlebag pockets in which to stash gear and clothing, without needing to also find a place on the ground to put that stuff. Two such roomy outside pockets at least (for the discontinued UL) and now a minimum of four for the other models.
    • Third, the large fabric end hoods over the ends of every Clark provide some protection from wind and sideways rain, so we can use shorter tarps if we wish, and therefor hang between trees that are closer together.

    Again, all of that is not to minimize the challenge of scarce or exclusively large trees. I now know myself silly to be concerned in other HF subforums with consideration of whether to carry 6ft vs 8ft straps when the need frequently arises in real old-growth settings of how to mount to trees whose diameters are that large.
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