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    Pollinated vs woven nulon(eno hammock fabric vs ripstop?

    Hey guys I have made quite a few hammocks out of ripstop nylon not sure 30or 70 it didn't say that I saw at the fabric store. But anyways I was looking around yesterday and at mc sports I saw a grant trunk hammock for 20$ about the same size as I make my hammocks. But it was made out of 100%polliester. And was clearly quite a but smaller then the ones I make outif ripstop. Not sure the weight though. This grand trunk hammock holds 250lbs as mine I'm not sure but I know it holds my girlfriend and I so at least 290lbs. But anyways can someone breakdown the different fabrics for me and the advantages and disadvantages of the fabrics? Because that grand trunk was 20% as compared to my ripstop ones being around 45$ to make them. compacted the fabric gets? light weight? durable
    4.what drys the fastest after being wet? much do they stretch?(doesn't seem like hardly any of my ripstop ones hardly stretch at all)
    Thanks guys!!
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