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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeDee View Post
    Looking at Hennessy's site, the


    4lbs.8oz.(1650 g)/350 lbs.
    The Safari Deluxe was developed for people who like really big hammocks. This is our deepest and widest and most comfortable hammock for larger people or even for cozy couples whose combined weight does not exceed 350 lbs. This model includes a a double wide hex shaped fly. Ideal for car camping, boat camping, out at the cottage or in the back yard.

    The specs:


    * Weight: 4 lbs 8 oz. / 1650 gr.
    * Weight limit: 350 lbs.
    * Suspension System: 10' long 3000 lb. test polyester covered nylon ropes - 2" wide x 42" long nylon webbing straps called "tree huggers
    * Hammock dimensions: 112" x 52"
    * Hammock fabric: 210 D oxford nylon
    * Canopy dimensions: 12' on ridgeline, 10" wide Hex shaped
    * Canopy fabric: 1.9 oz. 70D Polyeurethane coated Rip-stop polyester
    * Mesh: 1 oz. 20 D No-See-Um netting
    * Stuff sack: Logo and set up instructions printed on ripstop nylon bag.
    * Set-up-time: 3 minutes
    * Packed size : 7" x 12"
    * Suggested retail price: $199.00 US

    I have never used the Safari, so cannot attest as to it's use with two people, but if the blurb can be believed then 60" should be wide enough.

    Also, note that a Queen size mattress is 60" wide. Of course the sides on the mattress do not curl up. But even at that, 60" is plenty wide for 2 people and they don't even have to touch.
    112" x 52" is the hammock size but not the fabric size. The Safari Deluxe asym is 144" X 60" check the comparison guide for fabric dimensions.

    Edit: My wife and I always say our Queen size mattress is too large. My dogs don't seem to think so.
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    Jeff, is there a discussion of the double hammock? The male dino is actually considering hanging and my leg has improved enough that I'm fairly sure I will be able to reliably get in and out soon.

    The ever-protective male dino wants his unable-to-run female dino close enough for him to protect in the event of a problem.

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    How sweet...

    I don't have any pics up yet but I'll try to get some soon. Baseball season and work getting in the way...
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    60" is just not wide enough IMO. It was difficult to get into and it was just not as comfortable as it should have been. I will continue to think about how to do this properly.

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    I think I discovered a reason why the doubles hammock was not comfortable. Although I now don't have one to test on. I think it was because I didn't have the proper sag. The hammock was too tight which made us lay almost on top of each other. I may attempt again later, but it will probably be some time.

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    So, why would two people want to sleep in one hammock? Why not just use two hammocks? It sounds crowded, clammy, and gross.

    At any rate, the 1.5 inch stuff Ed sell will hold. As I remember, he suggests 1.5 inch webbing for up to about 350 lbs in his book.
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    Quote Originally Posted by funbun View Post
    So, why would two people want to sleep in one hammock? Why not just use two hammocks? It sounds crowded, clammy, and gross.
    I think that would depend entirely on who you were sharing the hammock with
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    Quote Originally Posted by funbun View Post
    So, why would two people want to sleep in one hammock? Why not just use two hammocks? It sounds crowded, clammy, and gross.
    I can't speak for others, but the dino reasons:
    • Male dino likes having female dino close enough to protect in the event of wild critters - humanoid or other. Female dino cannot run or make quick evasive maneuvers due to injury.
    • Female dino likes to have male dino close because male dino has apnea and female dino nudges him to make him breathe sometimes.
    • Both dinos get muscle cramps during the night and the other dino rubs the cramp out. His are in the damaged hand / arm from last year's table saw accident and hers are in the right leg / foot.
    • Both dinos like each others company and just sleep better when they can touch, smell, hear each other.

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    I forget to breath a lot. I almost passed out once.

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