My son James and I hit the Old Loggers Path this weekend for his first backpacking trip and hang as well as my first time in the new Diy Symibird. We did 14 miles and I couldn't be more proud of my son. He carried arounf 12lbs give or take. This hike is a central Pa winner in my book! It starts and ends in the logging ghost town of Masten,Pa where not much remains except the mess hall chimney. I didn't find out til after i got home that its on america's most haunted forrest list. We did the south section which is basically a 14 mile loop. The hike was relatively easy going with one good climb up to sharp top vista. James learned how to string up a bear bag,start a fire,filter water and most importantly how to sh@$ in the woods. The xringhunt inspired symibird worked well and is super comfy! Heres some pics:

Old mill

James at the chimney

The new diy symibird

Sharp Top vista

Sprout Point vista

Dad,are we there yet?