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    Another use for the double ended stuff sack

    This idea was inspired but Mountaingoats excellent bit of gear seen here

    For those of you who have made a detachable SRL for your BB's, I think it would be a good idea to use the double ended stuff sack from the BB in the same way as Mountaingoat's ridgeline stuffer. Haven't had time to try it out yet but I think the idea has merit.

    Of course the shelf is already a great place to store gear but for something like a 1 litre Nalgene bottle, something fairly bulky or just for added storage space in the hammock without bring something extra it might be a good option. Thoughts?
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    I usually keep a micro s-biner on the loop on the bottom of one of my quilt stuff sacks (HG puts them on theirs) then clip that to a prussic that I keep at the head end of my RL. This gives me a peak bag with out the added weight and works with non detachable RLs. I usually keep a jacket in it but a water bottle would work. Just be careful gettin it out. Some RLOs do have a sleeve for a water bottle as well.

    Short story long, yes your idea will work and beats carrying something specifically for that purpose.
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    I usually leave mine on the ground unless it's freezing. Then I'll leave it in the pockets at the head of my JRB bridge. I don't even notice it up there. What about storing it a peak bag?

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