Private campgrounds make their own rules, Can I hang from your tree? Never forget this if you call!
I read on here that in some parts of the country you canít hang from trees. In California I thought it was ok. However private camps can refuse hangers. I found out by going, Iíll ask the right questions on the phone next time.

KOA will not let you hang anything from their trees

If you read this far thatís pretty much all the hanger info there is.

The following is an account of how I learned of it by an unplanned stop at KOA

At the end of a weeklong motorcycle trip it got real windy. My brother and I were being moved around & pushed sideways in our lane for two days trying to get home. Report was wind 35 gusting to 50 as we approached the Golden Gate Bridge. If youíve never ridden a motorcycle in the wind itís hard to explain the pucker factor. Any bridge, underpass, overpass, truck, patch on the road, trashcans crossing road by themselves can and will freak you out when your leaning into the wind just to go straight. We had intended to cross the Golden Gate Bridge and make it to my brotherís house in Santa Cruz but the wind changed our minds.

We called around and found a KOA, the only campground that wasnít full. Dark, cold, and 20 miles back to the north howling wind and all. Only to find I would not be allowed to touch a tree. I was carrying a bipod, so I asked if I could tie to a sign or pole? I donít think anybody ever asked to tie to a pole. Though they could not produce a written rule they still said no dice to hanginí.

Dang near $90 to sleep on nasty plastic covered foam pad on wooden full size platform or the bunk beds. No water in cabin, one stool nailed to floor, dinky table looked like it would break if you put your gear on it.

canít hang at koa

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