Just wanted to put up here a quick review of my latest delivery, a Tenth Wonder Hornet Hammock Double Long (3 layer) zip model.

Here it is hanging, i had to add a loop through the channel to hang instead of the straps it has as they were too long for the TurtleDog Stand, but they are still attached when i get into the trees (or bivi bag it!)

My TDstand isnt quite long enough for the tarp (Sargasso Storm) but since taking the photo i managed to get rid of some of the slack!

The main adjustments needed were purely the ridgeline inside needed attaching, the elastic to take the mosi net were a bit fiddly to find the best place to hang it from.

I had my inflatable thermo rest (not fully inflated) inside the zip up second layer and the 3rd layer proved very useful as i could just sling the empty bags or my jumper/shorts in when i got too warm but they were still in reach.
I had my old sleeping bag on top but as i was wearing my merino wool top i hardly needed it!

With it being 1.5m wide i had no problem laying diagonally and very quickly found the "sweet spot" and was blessed with a very comfy flat sleep.

I only woke up when the sun came up over the fence! - followed my my four legged friend who wanted to give it his seal of approval.

Just need the opportunity to test it in the wild now!