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    DIY underquilt insulation help

    I am going to make a poncho liner underquilt. I bought this Roc-Lon drapery insulation stuff at Jo-Ann's Fabrics that has multiple layers. Two of the layers are space blanket type material. One layer is Insul-Bright. I am not sure if these layers are breathable or not. Does the underquilt need to be breathable? If it does can I just punch a bunch of holes in the insulation before I sew it up in the poncho? Any help would be great.

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    Insul-brite is mostly breathable in my experience. As for the other layers, IDK, can you blow air through it at all?

    Does it need to be breathable?

    In short yes, can you get away with something like insultex that is nigh breathable? In short, maybe. This comes with experience and practice. Each person is different some can use pads and never sweat, others like me begin to sweat as soon as their body touches the pad. At the same time I have used a MM Shamu UQ for a few years now and I have found what is needed to keep me comfy; a slight draft.
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    Should I punch some holes through all five layers to make it more breathable before I sew it up in the poncho liner? I would rather it not be a problem.

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