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    Not sure how to spell I'll spell it like it sounds....My spanish word.....La Meeegra. Only one I know. BD
    Just Jeff made me do it

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    Smile Welcome to the Forums, WJ. GLad to have another Kentucky hanger with us, too. Don't w

    Thanks for the welcome, Hooch. I hope to hook up with many of the folks I see on this site. Since I am retired, I have a fairly free schedule and am looking for some folks to camp and hike with. By the way, my doc says I can I need to take it easy for several weeks and get the inflamation down, but getting back on the trail should be doable if I take it slow for a few weeks. The good news is that makes the SEHHA hangout in June at Hot Springs on my list of to dos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by headchange4u View Post
    As of now, I think my wife and I are going to stay Saturday night. I amazed she agreed to go.

    I have not decided where to go yet, but if the wife comes it will have to be a fairly short hike in. I am thinking about the Koomer Ridge area.

    Welcome to the forum. Another Kentucky hanger. Yay.
    Are we still on for tommorrow in the Gorge?

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    Failed hammocking weekend altogether.

    Went to a friends house Friday night and decided to setup behind their house. 10 minutes after setting up there was a flash of lighting so bright I thought someone had stuck a camera in my face. It was followed by thunder so loud it left my ears ringing. I could smell ozone I decided to break down and had 2 more lighting flashes before I got back to the house.

    On Saturday, my wife backed out (big surprise ) on me and I was going alone but after driving though heavy rains on the way there, I turned around and came home. It continued to rain on and off until early this morning so it would have been a very wet night and I bet the trails were small creeks.
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    so sorry, hc, maybe next time! we sure could have used that rain here....

    "A womans place is on the trail"

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