Well I seem to be doing things backwards..This forum has been a big help figuring things out.
For quite a while I have had a rothco OD super Hammock I originally got that hammock because it is supposed to have a one ton rating and i am 6'6" 300+lbs
I hung for the first time while in Greece. I wasn't camping, it was just a nap. I would not recommend sleeping in that hammock. But I still fell in love. I immediately tried to find a better way to support my hammock. Got some tie down straps from Walmart to use as tree huggers and support... They were each like 20 ft long with a hook.. So I would just wrap the tree and hang the hammock from the hooks.

Then I got some amsteel and made some whoopie slings... Still with the same hammock. so now i cut the straps and have a pretty decent suspension system, but no good hammock. Got a 90x156 taffeta tablecloth on the way (well 2, one for me one for my wife). Wife is pretty tiny.. We might even get two hammocks out of her tablecloth.

As I said I am a BIG man, any tips for oversized hangers would be extremely appreciated!