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    Hanging in Western Australia

    Hi everyone,
    Just starting to get into the ancient art of the hammock!! Having recently been keen to get back outdoors and never really experienced a comfortable nights sleep in all my years of hiking (which I don't really understand as even with my 5cm thick thermarest I still struggle). Rumaging through my shed the other day I found a couple of old army hammocks in my camping equipment and start to wonder wether they may be better. But warmth is an issue as I like to hike in the dead of winter (usually no colder than about -5c and no snow just lots of rain.) So deciding that I wouldn't be comfortable in my existing hammock I splashed out and have ordered a Hennessy Explorer Deluxe. By the way this decision was made after watching Shug's You Tube videos and I couldn't argue with a fellow mandolin player. Looking forward to trying it out next week as I will be at home after a wrist operation. Shug do you have any tips for hanging a hammock with one hand? On the topic of staying warm I am thinking of making myself an underquilt and buying the Hennessy Undercover to protect it from rain etc. Long first post but I got excited.


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    Welcome to the forum! The explorer deluxe was my first hammock! Very comfortable. It has the bottom entry. Still use it from time to time. The super shelter system is a nice setup. Underquilts and top quilts make hammocking very comfortable. Good to see you have done some homework.

    There is a lot of info in here to learn from. Good luck to gettin' back outdoors!

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    Welcome fro Georgia. Just read a post from WA about a walk from The Perth area to Albany, you folks have some great looking country to hang in.

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    Welcome from Canada!

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    Welcome to the site from Atlanta, GA. my first hammock was a Hennessy as well -the ASYM. I loved it and made some mods to it. I have a Clark on my birthday list so I will be getting it soon enough for my next trip.

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