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    Getting a little confused

    It would be helpful for this newbie if a thread could be started that consolidates say, everyones favorite set-ups and the pros and cons of each.

    There is a vast amount of info in these forums, but trying to do the research to buy my first hammock has got my head spinning, popping in and out of threads and different forums and different websites.

    So far for me the clark seems to be the way to go. I like the insulating pockets and more importantly the weather shield. But as everyone here knows more than I, a side by side sort of comparison with the +'s and -'s would sure be helpful.
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    Potomac UQ
    We're all still learning - this is a constantly growing and changing field - so don't worry about feeling overwhelmed. We're right there with you!

    Jeff commented on the other thread that the Clark seemed like a good product. He knows what he's talking about and doesn't make spurious statements, so I'd believe him.

    My perspective is that the Clark is really expensive compared to some other models. And, as an "all in one" package, it might very well be less flexible than you want in the long run. With those things in mind, I think you'd be better off spending less money and getting something you can experiment with. Hammocks are all about comfort and convenience, so you really want something personalized.

    In answer to your request, my current setup is:

    Homemade Speer-type hammock - about $20

    Strap-and-buckle suspension - about $15

    Homemade Hammock Sock - about $10

    Homemade prototype top quilt - about $30

    Potomac Underquilt - This one is borrowed from Jeff, but they retail at $180 and you can make your own for about $90.

    Homemade BlackCat tarp - about $40...instructions on my site.

    I've used this setup down to the mid-teens (and a LOT of wind) with worn clothing. I'm pretty sure I could get lower with it.

    Hammock and Hammock Sock instructions can be found on Jeff's site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roverdisc1 View Post

    There is a vast amount of info in these forums, but trying to do the research to buy my first hammock has got my head spinning, popping in and out of threads and different forums and different websites.
    You think your heads spinning now, just wait for the replies. Then you'll be spinning.

    I've had my hammock about 4 years.
    I use a HH Explorer Deluxe with a stock fly and JRB Nest underquilt and No Sniveller Quilt.

    Currently considering buying a Claytor Jungle Hammock

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    I haven't meet a hammock yet I haven't liked, some are just more fitting than others.

    I have not used a Clark. The thing that would deter me is the price. They are a lot more than other off the shelf ones. I think the problem with getting a lot of info is that there is not a lot of people on the East coast using a Clark.
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    HH Explorer UL ASYM. JRB No Sniveler and JRB Nest. MacCat Deluxe tarp with 4 JRB STLs. BD
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    Whoopie Slings
    Here are a few real-world setups folks use, with associated temp ranges.
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    JRB Bear Mountain Bridge v2
    JRB 11 X 10
    JRB Quilts
    Webbing, TG, & DC
    HH Explorer UL ASYM.
    JRB Nest as an under quilt
    Mountain Hardwear Phantom 45 sleeping bag (soon to be replaced by a JRB, I just need to decide what one!)
    MacCat Deluxe tarp with 4 JRB STLs and AirCore PRO Dyneema Guyline for tying to trees (10 ft per side)
    6 Exped V stakes
    #4 Snake Skin for the hammock
    #3 Snake Skin for the tarp

    My Wife
    HH UL Backpacker
    JRB Nest as an under quilt
    Moonstone 30 degree bag
    JRB 8x8x with 2 JRB STLs and AirCore PRO Dyneema Guyline for tying to trees (10 ft per side)
    4 Exped V stakes
    #4 Snake Skin for the hammock
    #2 Snake Skin for the tarp

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    OES Cuben
    Current Setup:

    Hennessy Hammock Ultralight Backpacker Asymm.
    JRB UL Nest
    JRB UL No Sniveller
    DIY Top Cover (Winter use)
    DIY hex tarp with skins
    Western Mountaineering 15* bag (winter bag)
    Gossamer Gear Thinlight Pad

    I am going to be changing to a DIY hammock in the near future.
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    WB Traveler
    Custom OES tarp
    JRB Down UQ/TQ
    Whoopie slings
    My present setup:

    -DIY (by BlackBishop) Speer-type hammock, strap and descending rings suspension, with carabiners.
    -KAQ (Potomac) Underquilt (good to 30F or so)
    -JRB "Stealth" Quilt (good to around 40F or so)
    I combine the KAQ and Stealth as underquilts below 30F, and have made it to 19F very comfortably that way.
    -BlackBishop's BlackCat Tarp, with 550 paracord tie-outs (innards stripped out, for the heck of it),
    with Niteize figure 9 rope tighteners on the tarp ridgeline tie-outs (trying them out).
    -4 titanium Y stakes.

    I'll be making a hammock sock for next winter, as well as a bug-bivvy of some sort soon. In the process (with much help) of making a Ray-Way Quilt from the kit.

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    I have been hammocking on and off for about 2yrs. I still have no idea what my setup is.

    Homemade HH-style rolled hammock $20 5.8oz
    Ring Buckle Supports $15 5.5oz
    WM Highlite $249 14.8oz (used as a quilt)
    GG Thinlight 1/8" 3/4 Sleeping pad $9 2.2oz
    9'x8' Catenary Cut Tarp Based on the BlackCat $10 ~9oz ($1/yd 1.1oz Silnylon)
    6 Titanium Stakes $15 1.3oz

    Total $318 2.4lbs

    ULA Conduit $125 21oz
    Total Plus Pack $443 3.73lbs

    I think that is the first time I put that down. I would say that is not too shabby. However, I still need to figure out a couple things. I was thinking of making a hammock sock and some python skins. Probably would add $20 and 8oz putting me at $463 and 4.23lbs.

    However, this may all change in another month. Also, with my wife we may be using a doubles hammock.
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