I was reminiscing at the survival hangout & was reminded of a rainy day set up I did while on a long hike.

I was NOBO on the AT, & for most of that day the wind was hard at it from the East, not that unusual, but I looked West, & saw T Storm clouds heading towards me,, hiked about 3 more steps & thought: THE THUNDERSTORM IS COMING AT 40 MPH FROM THE WEST & THE WIND IS BLOWING FROM THE EAST & "Large wall used to hold back water"
As I was on a very exposed ridge, I started to run, in about 3 minutes I saw a old logging road coming up from my right, or East, as now the wind was fully from the WEST. I got my tarp up just as the hard rain hit. & as I was behind the hill / ridge, it was pleasant. So I sat there & made plans; go or stay?????
Decided I had enough rain that trip (it was day 8, 5 days of rain) so "Stay" it was. Tarp is up, all I need to do is hang the hammock & NAP TIME!!!
Went to the head tree, hung the straps. Walked to the foot end,,,, (insert 6 or 7 4 letter words here) 3" too short! But I had 2 - 4 foot of slack on the tarp ridgeline (more 4 letter words).
Found two trees better located (more sheltered by the hill) that fit both tarp AND hammock suspension.

When I got home from that trip: I shortened the tarp suspension & lengthened the hammock one, Now if the tarp fits, so do the hammock, with room to spare. AND: My belt (for my kilt) & pack leash can both be used as hammock suspension extenders.

So, my suggestion: Have your tarp suspension a bit shorter than what you can hang your hammock. I had never had that problem before, as I am usually pretty good at judging the distance, but I was rushed & other lame excuses.
Will I have this issue again? Maybe, but now I'm prepared.
What if I NEED the tarp to be from different trees? I got extra 550 cord, so no issues there.
Will anyone else ever have this issue? Don't know, but as I had to get out in pouring rain to fix a easy to prevent issue (Had time to move & stay semi dry if tarp didn't fit first trees, but not after staking AND trying hammock) so I hope this helps someone else.