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    2-up Trippin' Report

    I’ve been motorcycle and car camping for years, but lately things have changed.

    Made a tablecloth hammock in February and had a great time reading and fooling around with the gear. Many well spent days and nights hanging in the yard. Then two months back we both switch to hammock camping in public. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but it was a good day!
    Since then, we both hang outside most nights. At our spot we can hear the creek and critters too. I bring both hammocks in every mourning and put them back at dusk, it’s easy.

    First photo is from the first time I went hammock camping. Spent the night in a horse corral because there are no trees at Selby Campground. Tied a cheap tarp to the rail as a wind block and enjoyed the stars. In the morning my riding buddies weren’t sure what to think when they saw the Lazy Slug Tube swallow my rig and slither into my bike bag.

    Video is the first time my Lady and I hung together at a campground

    Other photos are of the new master bedroom

    Thanks forum members, who would a thunk it?

    As always, Will

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