Hi Everyone!

Exciting trip planned! My oldest daughter graduated in June and we have planned a 2 night trip on the MRT to spend some time together before
collage starts. I think the last time we have been backpack camping was when she was in 8th grade, where they would take a 2 night trip to South Manitou Island as an end of the school year trip. I went both times and we had a great time! I think we will put in south and try and find the "outlaw" area over looking the river. The pictures I have seen look like it is a wonderful site.

I am in the process of finalizing our gear and final testing before the trip. Gotta love being able to hang for a half hour before leaving for work and also being able to come home and de-compress!!!

A couple questions I have is if there is a fire pit at the "outlaw" location or is the campsite the nearest place? Haven't looked hard, but is there a fee payment location by Slagel Creek road? Is there a fee? Anyone else planning a trip on the MRT on those days? If so it would be great to at least meet some of you that are on here. I haven't been able to swing any of the get-togethers, but hopefully this fall I will make it happen.

Thanks everyone for sharing their ideas, experiences, and enthusiasm for this great way to experience the outdoors! I appreciate everyone here and enjoy reading about your adventures!


"Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone."
- Gladys Browyn Stern