@nothermark: I won't be doing any canoeing alone. Too dangerous for somebody as inexperienced as me to do this on my own. Would be up for some paddling with other people. SilvrSurfr is doing a trip; unfortunately I'm in the Whites by that time

I'm not fixed on any one place. I'll be going through the map pack tomorrow and see if something jumps out. I was told that Giant Mountain would be a worthy day hike. I'm not going to buy a book. I'll just go by guts or website recommendations.

@hk2001: The multi-day hikes DuctTape recommended he calls the Corey Loop and the French Louis Loop. Don't know if that helps you. If not, PM me.

@oruacat2: I only just arrived here. Doing Airbnb for a couple of days until I hit the trail. I still have to see which campground I'll pick afterwards. A campground with wifi would be my choice, since it helps me organizing my trip. I can post later on which campgrounds I visited and if they were worth it.