Just back from a 4-day-hike in the High Peaks. I totally underestimated the climbing. I wanted to do a big loop: hiking in on the first day, hiking up Algonquin/Wright/Iroquois the second day, on to Mt Marcy the third day, and back out the fourth day. I gave up on hiking up any mountains with full gear (including the super-heavy bear canister) on the very first day... In the end I managed to get to Feldspar, use it as a base-camp, and hike up Mt Skylight (very nice and only two other hikers) and Mt Marcy as a day hike. Still hard enough. That were 4 exhausting days with 6-8 miles each day and I don't know how many feet altitude difference. I was very lucky with the weather. Although the forecast was mixed, it only started to rain 30 minutes after I got back to my car.

Although this hike had its highlights (including meeting a very surprised porcupine while bushwhacking an overgrown trail), it was just too exhausting for my taste. I enjoyed the French Louie trail a lot more. I hope I will start the Corey loop on Saturday. Looking forward to more relaxed hiking (as opposed to alternate bushwhacking, scrambling, mud and stone hopping) and more hammock time!

Not sure if I will be able to do the Cranberry Lake loop, although it sounds fantastic. I wanted to spend a couple of days in the Whites. Although with the closure of the access to the Pemigewasset Wilderness, maybe it's a better idea to skip the Whites and explore more of the Adirondacks? Will have to think about it.