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    I hope you have a great time!

    I had lawyer meetings and renew my DL errands to do today, and the weather doesn't look motorcycle friendly just now so not likely to join you, in body anyway.

    There in spirit,


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    Quote Originally Posted by hikingdad View Post
    Also, I generally really like to leave my bike at the south end and then drive to the starting point to the north and hike south. That allows me to cover more actual trail and not back track. Anyone else game for this? I simply stash the bike in the woods..... although if we had a group, we could just leave one car at one of the ends.
    You sir are a genius I will be doing this in the future. I finally got my sewing machine working to finish up some gear and I'm about 80 percent sure I'm going next weekend let me know if you can get out two weekends in a row.

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