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    Quote Originally Posted by sargevining View Post
    I really appreciate the extra stinky instructions.

    What would they be if the hammock was extra low down funky grungy?
    Extra soaking in the oxyclean and extra brews while it soaks. If you do everything right the funk will be gone. But if the funk is still present then drink a few more brews. Either the funky smell will be gone or you will be too drunk to even care.

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    I just put mine in the bathtub with a little laundry detergent and let it soak for a while. Swish every once in a while, rinse, dry outside.
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    If the Hammock is washable try washing it in some perfumed shampoo, so that it will get good smell and dry it in the sunlight. This process can keep the smell away. Otherwise try keeping this outside in the sunlight for some time until the unpleasant odor is gone.


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    Old thread, but I thought about it as I was washing some hammocks last night...

    At some point we'll start adding labels to them, but here's the rough method I use (it's good for a light cleaning or for low down, grimy, grunge infested, wet-dog-smelling nasty as I am sure Sarge Vining will appreciate) and it's nothing revolutionary:

    Remove cords, machine wash cold, hang dry.

    NOTE: For EXTRA gross, you can use hot, but I'd recommend using hot washes sparingly. For polyester/Hiker Lites, and Weight Weenies and Campers, the fabric color is "embedded" and shouldn't wash out (though it can fade from UV exposure). For the WWMs, the pattern is melted on at the manufacturing plant. These are the ones I'd be extra gentle with on hot.
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