Today Mountain_Man_Mike posted about how he is using the Hammock Camping Merit Badge to educate his scout troop on the benefits of hammock camping.

So I was wondering,
  • How are you using the Hammock Camping merit badge?
  • Success Stories?
  • Tips or improvements?
  • How many have you given out?

Did you know that over 1,500 have been shipped our all across U.S. and several over seas to Europe and Australia

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.... I ordered 50 last year and the troop has really got into the vibe of hammocking. We did our version of a sweat shop to make the gear and worked it like a typical merit badge, blue card and all. I will be awarding the first group of five boys with their merit badges and special slides at the next court of honor. It was a great experience thanks to you WL

At our last backpacking trip we had 10 out of 13 in hammocks.
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