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    Need help choosing

    I want to get another hammock. One that is UL and can be, what I consider, accessorized for specific outings. I.E. with or without a bug net (I will be making my own).

    I am really interested in BIAS but am having a tough time pulling the trigger.

    I am extremely interested in the Weight Weenie Micro. Its weight is incredible.

    But I am noticing on the picture for the regular Weight Weenie hammock the persons feet are sticking out of the hammock. Now I am only 5'6", but I would be uncomfortable in that position trying to sleep. I would imagine the WWM is even shorter, but they don't have a picture of someone laying in the WWM. Do your feet stick out when your lay in it? Is there some what of a foot box? Calf ridge? Side claustrophobia (too narrow?).

    Speaking of narrow...I am thinking of the knotty mod. Is it worth it? If I do spring for the knotty mod, what hammock width should I go with? I was thinking 56", what do you think?

    Also, I am not crazy about Marpat camo, or any camo really. But I may have to over look that

    I plan on getting the adjustable ridge line too....because I have been really messing around with the lay of my WBBB and notice that if I took two inches off the ridgeline on that hammock I am in the optimal zone. I would like to further my research

    Thank you for your time!
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    If their feet were sticking out it was because they stuck them out. I have a 52" and my feet don't stick out. If you're really worried about it just get a 60". The knotty mod is very worth it, it gives you kind of a footbox and headbox, and it keeps the sides from being floppy. The WWM is 11' just like their other hammocks.

    You can't go wrong with a BIAS, and if it isn't for you I guarantee you will have no trouble selling it.
    "As a well spent day brings happy sleep, a well spent life brings happy death." -Da Vinci

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    I think that's Shane in the photo, and he has shoes on, so that's why his feet are hanging over the edge. Don't want to soil your hammock! My feet never pop out of my BIAS hammocks.

    I have the Weight Weenie Micro, and a Weight Weenie Micro double layer both 60" wide. All their hammocks are 11 ft. long, so I don't think they make anything shorter. Both my hammocks are very comfortable, no calf ridge. There is no footbox, and I certainly haven't felt the need for the knotty mod; unlike other hammocks I own, my sleeping bag/TQ just doesn't fall out.

    I also have adjustable ridgelines on my hammocks, but I never adjust them. I just like the option of being able to adjust it. They pretty much stay at 109 inches.

    Both my BIAS hammocks are the most futz-free hammocks I own. I don't look for a sweet spot; I just lay down, get my diagonal and go to sleep.

    You'll have to ask someone else what the narrower hammocks feel like. I've always just liked 60" wide hammocks.

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