Howdy folks. New to hangin' and found this site by accident. Leaving Aug 4 for another ride to Sturgis and plan to camp with a hammock this time. Taking a tent too in case we don't find a suitable campsite to hang a hammock. Already found a ton of useful tips and info on this site and look forward to hearing from others who motocamp with a hammock. As soon as I figure out how to post pics i'll show my CPAP setup, in case there are any others who use them. I charge the battery from the bike during the day while i ride with a 12v cigarette adaptor connected to the battery tender and run to a saddlebag. At night i hang the CPAP rig from the tarp ridgeline. I'm determined to not let old age and this dependency on a CPAP keep me from camping.
Anyway, glad to be here and really enjoying this site.