I recently got the Hammock fever and originally thought to start making my own hammock. I found a cottage vendor through this forum,Simply Light Designs, and he sells what I'd call a starter kit.

Total Average System Weight: 29.75 oz (1.86 lbs)

Here is what you get:

(1) Hammock - Foliage Grey 1.9 oz breathable ripstop nylon calendered on one side
Size: 132" x 58"
Average Weight: 13.50 oz
Features 1.5" sewn channels on both ends allowing various suspension setups

(1) Asymmetrical (Asym) Tarp - Grey 1.4 oz silnylon
Size (from corner to corner):140" x 110"
Average Weight: 8.5 oz
Features reinforced tie outs at each corner

(1) Pair of 6 foot Whoopie Slings
Size: Extend from about 16" to 6 ft
Average Weight: 1.41 oz
Made from 7/64" Amsteel-Blue Line with a 1,600 lb breaking strength

(1) Pair of 6 foot Tree Hugger Straps
Size: 6 feet
Average Weight: 3.0 oz
Made from 1" Polyester Webbing with a 1,500 lb breaking strength

(1) Pair of 3" Aluminum Toggles
Average Weight: .21 oz

12 ft of reflective guyline for tarp tie outs
Average Weight: .50 oz

30 ft Tarp ridgeline cord
Size: 30 ft
Average Weight: .68 oz
Features 1.8 mm Braided Dacron Line

(2) Aluminum 7 inch Shepherd's Stakes
Size: 7 inches
Average Weight: 1.00 oz

(1) Double Ended Hammock Stuff Sack
Color: Foliage Grey
Size: 6" x 12" (stuffed)
Average Weight: .86 oz
Features a draw cord closure at each end for easy access to your hammock suspension

(1) Accessory Stuff Sack
Color: grey
Size: 7" x 3" x 3"
Average Weight: .16 oz
Features 1.4 oz silnylon and squared bottom to minimize wasted corner space

I upgraded to a DL hammock for an extra $20, total price $140. I placed the order around seven o'clock pm and the order was shipped the next morning. I got a email from the postal service with a tracking number and a few minutes later an email from the owner,Jared Baker, letting me know it was shipped with the tracking number in case the postal service hadn't notified me. I received my hammock today after 3 days,great service and prompt shipping. Don't ask me how long it took me to get set up in my backyard. All those videos of seasoned hangers make it look sooo easy. Anyway here's a link to my backyard setup. I live 1/4 mile back off a sparsely traveled highway and my backyard is so quiet you'd think you were wilderness camping.