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    Do It All Hammocks

    Hello All,

    Long time lurker who has finally saved up the money to get off the ground here. I'm looking for a hammock that can do it all! From lounging between climbs with the girlfriend to week long trips in the backcountry. I lobe the fact that the WBBB has bug netting (definitely a requirement) that is able to be folded back for general lounging. For my personal use I'm sold on the WBBB, but I don't know if it will be the best option for lounging with my girlfriend.

    Could anyone point me in the right direction to a hammock with removable bug netting, can fit two people for general relaxation, and can stand up to the backcountry? Can it be done, or should I be looking for two different hammocks. For the record I'm 6'0'' and 170 lbs. The girlfriend and I come in under 300 lbs together

    Thanks for any info!

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    You should be looking for 2 different hammocks. 2 people in a hammock is uncomfortable.

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    Well I don't mean for extended periods. If we'll be together for a trip we'll be in a tent, but for general lunch breaks/hanging around I've never had a problem with the two of us in a hammock together. I could see the problem after about a half hour or so, but that's all we're really asking for!

    What I meant by "should I be looking for two different hammocks?" was do I need one for lounging and one for my actual shelter.


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    I sleep with my girlfriend in one hammock several times a week. It isn't for everyone, but it also isn't uncomfortable for us.

    We are in the minority for sure. If you've got the funds laying around, give the Clark Vertex a peek. I got to test one for a couple of months and it was a very impressive rig. Still on my wish list. When we sleep together in the woods, it is usually in a Trek Light double...but, no bug net.
    Trust nobody!

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    Wow that clark is one heck of a hammock, but sadly the funds are not quite there. I can spend up to $150-200. Thanks for the suggestion and the reassurance that it can work.

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    I would do 2 personally but everyone one is different. There are a few thread and as Cannibal said some can cohabitate just fine in one hammock.

    I would do something like a TLG Double for general lounging then something with a bug net or separate bug net for backwoods.

    Check out the FS forums lots to look at.

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    There are a few hammocks with bug netting that can be flipped and used as an open hammock.

    Hammocks such as the Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter or the Hammock Bliss No-See-Um can be flipped over and used as a regular open-air hammock.

    There are a few hammocks that allow you to completely remove the bug net, or at least zipper it 99% of the way and store it, such as the Woodsman X from UKHammocks, and the Thunderbird from DreamHammocks.

    The Switchback, from Tree-to-Tree, allows you to gather up most of the netting, nearly getting it out of the way.

    Of course, another option is to use a tube-style bug net that can go around any number of hammocks. There are numerous retail versions available from nearly every manufacturer, including Grand Trunk, ENO, BIAS, Ticket to the Moon, Kammok, and others.

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    Second the clark vertex from me.
    This would be the best way to get your girlfriend
    in a hammock with you. I saw a diy vertex thread,
    but am unsure how difficult it is.

    many people get a regular hammock and then make a bug sock
    To go around it. This helps with multi purpose and climate.
    I am not sure if I want bug net on my hammock all the time.

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    DIY ripstop
    DIY coated ripstop
    real simple
    I enjoyed making my own hammock out of ripstop, my wife and I both enjoyed lounging in it. Made a tarp,and stuff sack. The removable bug net I made out of black nylon sheer curtains. got all my instructions from youtube.

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