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    BWCA-When Nature Attacks!

    Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
    Entry Date:
    Entry & Exit Point: Crab Lake and Cummings from Burntside Lake (EP 4)
    Number of Days: 7

    Trip Introduction:
    We choose this route because it was shorter and a way to introduce four newbies to the BWCAW. The trip consisted of my father myself my brother his girlfriend my nephew and niece( 7yrs old/12yrs old) and my son (9yrs old)...


    We started our trip on Tuesday which was a first for our annual trip. It was strange as drove to our entry point that morning because the WELY polka show wasn't playing. So we did what any “tech savoy” guys would do and we used Pandora on my cell phone and had the polka station playing! Life was good! We arrived in sunshine and left in rain but the trip was great.

    We canoed through Crab Lake and into Clark lake. I've been to Clark Lake before and it is a great little lake with a nice camp site. There is an old road that runs right into camp. The road dates back to pre-1970 before the land was purchased for the BWCA. There are other signs of the past at camp, with an old pick ax, wheel barrel left behind, and if you snorkel piles of bricks that were discarded into the lake from the construction of someones cabin. If you follow the grown in road you will find an old dump sight with a bed frame, bath tub and other signs from the 1970's. All of which is pretty neat to see.

    From Clark we traveled to Boulder lake. We went through Phantom lake and Spirit lake. Boulder was a very pretty lake. We did a lay over day so the kids could swim and fish a lot. My son caught a 3.5lb small mouth and pile of northern pike. The island campsite was spacious and great for swimming. But the lakes name clearly comes from the thousands of boulders scattered in the water. We would snorkel around and find rocks to stand on that were 50-80 feet from shore while still unable to touch the bottom once off these rocks! While exploring a beaver hut my son had a common garter snake attack him, I tossed him a paddle so he could use the paddle to flip the snake in the water! On the opposite side of the lake my father was cleaning fish and a garter snake slithered up and bit his finger, and yet a second snake rose up like a cobra to scare him up. This was the strangest behavior I've ever seen from these snakes. I had never heard or seen these snakes behave like that.

    We attempted to follow the creek to Bear Lake on our lay over day. But after a mile it dried up we decided not to attempt it. The last thing we wanted to make it difficult for the kids.
    The next lake we traveled to was Battle Lake. This was another pretty lake. When we had arrived a canoe with a DNR Fisheries guy came up and introduced himself. Andy was full of great information. We were even surprised to find out that the best man in his wedding was a guy that lived only one block from my parents house which was 7 hours from ely! Small world.. We had storms rolling in, causing the wind to blow pretty wild. The winds seem to have upset the bees. My nephew got stung on the finger and just an hour after that so did my niece.
    We did see a grouse and her chicks.. she did not attack anyone!

    From battle we traveled to Crab Lake and enjoyed two days of off and on again rain and t-storms.. even in the rain everyone still had fun and caught all the fish they could. After crab we portaged our way back to civilization with the hopes of Dairy Queen blizzards, and cheese burgers!012.jpg016.jpg
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