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    you guys are awesome! Thanks for all of the welcomes. I purchased a tan eno pronest from gnar. hes including a ridgeline organizer as well. does anyone have advice on where to get a rain tarp that i could make or buy. i kind of want to eliminate a tent all together when i go to festivals. of course caveman, i will take some pictures to share. ive been enjoying everyone elses. my freinds are going to go nuts when i show them my new camping setup. my buddy turkey is a train hopper. he keeps a hammock with him for his travels. exept he calls it a kammock. idk. wow sorry that was alot i got exited.

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    oh sorry and 7' straps i forgot to mention. becuase i know they usually dont include the straps

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    Welcome to the forum!

    There are a lot of vendors here around the forums that sell DIY materials to make tarps or they sell completed tarps. I just bought some material to make a tarp and tent and it's in the mail, I got my stuff from DIY Gear Supply.

    They sell most everything you need and there are even some instructions on how to make things too.

    Enjoy yourself!

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    Welcome from Philly.
    When I was a kid the only time we were in the house was to eat and sleep.

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    Welcome to the trees.

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    Re: Love the forum already

    Welcome to the forum !

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