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Thread: Hello from ND

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    Hello from ND

    Hello to all here on the forums!

    Was looking around the webs and came across this site, while on the search for a good hammock to use for camping. While I currently have a hammock that I used overseas, a white floral pattern :P, I am looking for something that I can use for more camping type of stays.

    I am 29 a sof right now, living up here in North Dakota. I enjoy getting out and going hunting with my small bore rifles, as well as airsofting with my friends. I live up here with my wife of 8 years, as well as my year and a half old son. Been in the military for little over 10 years now, with one year over in Iraq as a combat engineer.

    While I am looking for information about more hammock camping things, I am looking to save money each month by staying in a hammock instead of a hotel room when I go to drill each month. Been looking around the site and there seems to be a TON of great info on this site, and can't wait to add more when I can .

    Thanks again all


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    welcome to the madness.

    this is the place to learn about hammocks
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