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    Welcome and congratulations on your eagle rank. My son made eagle this year and just got back from jambo. Totally amazing week but could have been better with less rain and lightning. I am a scout leader and new to hammocking. This is a great forum.with friendly like minded people. Enjoy!

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    Sorry for the late Welcome but Hello and Welcome from Smyrna, TN and Congratulations on making the Trail to Eagle. I would debate with you on the whole make your own shelter in comparison to a hammock or DIY hammock as I took Wilderness Survival merit badge at Boxwell many moon ago. I will gladly give up the ground in lieu of a hammock any night. Nothing compares to sleeping on a cloud vs sleeping on a rock

    Once again Welcome and hope to run into you sometime down the trail or maybe Bink's, REI or another outdoor store local to us, If you get into DIY I might even run into you at JoAnn's beside Target on 96 picking up supplies. Take It Easy
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