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    Partition on ENO Double Nest

    Hey people, I have read in reviews that the Double Nest has a partition. Can this be removed without sacrificing durbility of the oveer all hammock? We have been looking at them and find it maybe a nice way to snuggle up on those chilly fall nights however that partition could hender this.

    Thanks. Erich

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    I am using a DN. There is no partition in mine. Unless its a new addition / design.

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    Thats good to know. Thanks. Ill check on it.

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    Could it be, and I'm only guessing here, that the "partitions" you are talking about are in reference to the extra panels that are stitched onto the main hammock body? If so, they are not an issue sleeping double.

    My GF and I sleep double in a similar hammock (Trek Light) and have not experienced any problems that have anything to do with partitions. We've slept double in ENOs too, but like the extra length of the Trek Lights.
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    Trek Light, huh? Ill have to tell her about them. Yeah, That could be what it is. If it isnt any problem then this just may work out. Thanks Cannaibal

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