I am planning on ordering one of these hammocks due to the great sale. I've been stuying the comparison chart on the Clark website and still have a few questions.

1. Does the TX-250 have the same under pockets as the NX-250? The chart says no but the description of the TX-250 says it has 4 pockets below.

2. As I understand it the NX-250 doesn't have the bug netting on the head end and the TX-250 does. Is this correct?

3. If I buy the weather shield for the TX-250 do I end up with essentially the same weather shield as the NX-250? Is the NX-250 weather shield removeable to the point that I could leave it at home if I didn't need it?

I'm in Atlanta where its hot. These two hammocks seem pretty similar. Initially I thought he NX-250 was the choice for me since I sometimes hike in cold climates, but if the underpockets are the same I'm thinking the TX-250 is probably the better choice for me since lower than 32 degree camping won't happen often for me. Any comnments on that?