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9" of bury is not enough according to Sampson Rope. You should have about 12" bury.
Not sure where you got this. I haven't found instructions for UCR's from the rope manufacturers and doubt that we ever will. We're on our own with them.

However, Samson calls for a 3.5 fid length bury for the adjustable loop of a whoopie (which doesn't really apply since both ends of the constrictor are under tension vs one end on a UCR). For 2mm Dynaglide, this works out to ~6". The maker of Dynaglide, New England Ropes only calls for a 1.5 fid length bury (which I won't be using for whoopies).

And yes, a UCR's bury needs to be longer than a whoopie's since one end is not tensioned well.

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...and I guess they just needed to be worn in and rub that slick coating off. Worked like a charm!...
Good deal. Reading your OP got me curious enough to finally try Dynaglide UCR's. Thanks for that! The adjustable buries ended up ~8.5" after splicing and haven't slipped at all with a prusik type of hitch holding the unweighted end taut.