After looking at many different ways to hang two hammocks together,
I am thinking of going mainly bunk style, unless there is a nice trio
of trees so that we can hang same head and different feet.

If I have to hang bunk style, I am mainly worried about the person
on the top bunk being able to get in easily.

Would the bottom access of a HH make it easier to get in, if the HH
is the top hammock? Could someone gingerly stand on the bottom
hammock to get up into the top one? I'm worried about the forces that
standing on a hammock would make, as it would be centered around the
foot area and might provide too much stress.

What do yall think? If I have decent hanging gear, should this be
an issue? Can the bottom hammock stand the stress, and would the
velcro bottom access make it easier to get in?